Radiodetection SI-100 Smart Interrupter

SI-100 is a solid state interrupter for corrosion technicians.  The unit features advanced power management, high current switching capability, user programmability, circuit protection and compact physical size.

Key Features:

·       Full microprocessor controlled, automatically stores the last ten used setups and stores up to 10 Waveforms.

·       On/Off ranges between 0 to 100 seconds.

·       GPS synchronization as standard; permits synchronization of any number of interrupters remote from each other and permits 24 hr timer operation.

·       The Smart Interrupter can be used as a conventional 50A interrupter as well as generating unique signatures for the Radio detection Stray Current Mapper (SCM) system.

·       Can generate 4 Hz and 8 Hz for compatibility with Radiodetection Precision Pipe Locators.

·       High performance.

·       Easy to use.

·       Over voltage, current and heat protection.

·       Advanced power electronics means it doesn't run excessively hot, even at high ambient.



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