Cadweld Welders and Molds

When making a CADWELD connection, an accurate control of the CADWELD process is accomplished by using a semi-permanent graphite mold.  Control is exercised over the direction and speed of the molten CADWELD weld metal flow and final shape.  The graphite used in a CADWELD mold is a high temperature type that lasts for an average of 50 to 100 CADWELD connections under normal usage.


Item #Product NameQuoteSpecs
CAHAA Welder to Steel - Horizontal PDF
CAVS Welder to Steel - Vertical PDF
CAHCA Welder to Steel - Through Conductor PDF
CAHBA Welder to Cast or Ductile Iron - Horizontal PDF
CAVH Welder to Cast or Ductile Iron - Vertical PDF
CAHEA Welder to Cast or Ductile Iron - Through Conductor PDF
CAPC Welder - Cable-to-Cable PDF
CATA Welder - Run and Tap PDF
CALA Welder - Cable to Lug PDF
CAG Welder - Connections to Ground Rods PDF

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