Cadweld Bonds

Factory Made Bonds

Bonds with terminals formed on the ends are often used for bonding pipe joints and fittings. The formed terminal allows a smaller weld metal size to be used.

Field Made Bonds

Formed Terminal Bonds may be made in the field using sleeves (one per conductor end) and forming them in a hammer die.

Factory Made Bonds with Pigtails for “Dresser Type” Pipe Couplings

Insulated formed terminal bonds with insulated pigtails are used to bond across the joint and to bond both the middle ring and follower ring of "Dresser Type" couplings.

 Strap Bonds

In colder climates, water distribution pipes occasionally freeze in the winter. To thaw the ice, a high current (for example, from a welding machine) is applied to heat the pipe and thaw the ice. To accomplish this, each pipe joint must be efficiently bonded to control the electrical path and to prevent burning the pipe gaskets. 3/4" wide copper bonding straps, welded to the pipe with CADWELD connections, provide the necessary bond or current path across the pipe joints. The bonding strips have been tested at over 500 amperes.

The straps may also be used to provide continuity for cathodic protection or grounding systems.

Cadweld "Punched Strap" Bond for Steel Pipe

The Cadweld "Punched Strap" Bond allows bonding across joints of steel pipe with a bond of approximately 1/0 AWG size using a CA-15 Weld Metal. This allows larger size bonds on steel pressure pipe covered by ANSI/ASME B31. The Punched Strap bond is fabricated from 1/16" x 1 1/4" soft copper, allowing easy hand forming over the pipe coupling.

The 5-hole model is used on "Dresser Type" pipe couplings with two welds to the pipe and three to the coupling, made through the holes. A 2-hole model is used across standard mechanical joints or across "Dresser Type" joints when the coupling does not have to be bonded.


Item #Product NameQuoteSpecs
CAF1-1V-xx Factory Made Jumper Bond #2 (specify length) PDF

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