Cortec Vapor Phase

VpCI is an amine carboxylate chemical product that protects against corrosion in 3 distinct phases: vapor, liquid and interface of vapor, and liquid. VpCI works by forming a protective non-molecular film on the metal's surface while inhibiting the electrochemical reaction of water and air on the metal. VpCI technology has over 20 years of history, and has proven applications on vessels, rebar in concrete, electronics, packaging, equipment mothballing, as well as many others.

Unlike most conventional corrosion inhibition methods, VpCI is self-replenishing. By injecting VpCI's automatically into a system (without any operator attendance) and you will immediately start protecting hundreds of feet of piping in steam lines and liquid distribution systems.

VpCI is a green alternative to other corrosion treatments, Cortec VpCI products are free of chromites, heavy metals, phosphates, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. The organic formulations provide you with an environmentally friendly way of protecting your equipment. From aggressive brine solutions in deep and hot wells, to protecting miles of remote pipelines, Cortec's VpCI will extend life of your systems.


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VpCI Cortec Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibitor VpCI Cortec Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibitor PDF

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