CC Technologies CS-3100 Coupon Test Station

CS-3100 - 10 feet Long Coupon Test Station

An accurate, inexpensive, and easily installed alternative for monitoring the effectiveness of cathodic protection on pipelines and other underground structures.

Design is based on continuing research for Pipeline Research Committee (PRC) International.

Installation in an augured hole minimizes soil disturbance and allows the rapid (6-12months) achievement of representative steady state conditions.

No interruption of cathodic protection current to the structure is required for monitoring.

Coupons may be placed directly over, at mid-line, or at the bottom line of the pipe being monitored. The unique parallel axis coupon configuration minimizes error in the IR drop measurements.

The measurements that can be made with the coupon test station after being allowed to receive CP current and polarize include the following:

·       The ‘on’ potential of the structure and CP coupon.

·       Instant ‘off’ potential of the polarized CP coupon.

·       Potential of the native coupon (simulates native potential of the pipe).

·       Depolarization of the polarized coupling by toggling switch to the "off" position.

·       CP coupon current pick-up and discharge.



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