Loresco Powerset

When the specification calls for a hard setting grounding material PowerSet™ is the product of choice. PowerSet™ is compatible with all standard copper grounding systems and standard field applications. It is an economical permanent solution to difficult grounding problems in hard to deal with areas. PowerSet™ is manufactured from environmentally safe materials and is extremely stable. When mixed with water or exposed to moisture, PowerSet™ attains the hardening characteristics of cement while retaining its highly conductive properties. PowerSet™ will remain highly conductive during a drought or when exposed to arctic temperatures. Because it does not have any shrinkage or expansion properties it will remain in constant contact with the earth.

PowerSet™ can be poured in dry or pumped in slurry form. No tamping is required. It is very worker friendly. No special tools are required.


· Positive low resistance, electrical connection to the earth.

· Compatible with all copper grounding systems.

· Does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

· Will attain a hardened state.

· Will not leech into the ground or wash away.

· Never needs recharging.

· Electrically conductive.

· Environmentally friendly.

· Stable permanent ground for the life of the grounding system.

· Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect copper.

· Will not expand or experience any shrinkage.

· Not affected by freezing.

· Simple to install.

· Excellent shelf life with no performance effects.

See pdf for specific calculations.


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