CI-50 50 Amp Stand Alone Current Interrupter

The Newest Current Interrupter from Tinker & Rasor. Tinker & Rasor re-introduces the Model CI-50 50 Amp Current Interrupter. The new Model Ci-50 is the perfect companion for the CP Test with isolated trouble. This product is easy to use, and programs quickly in the field. The instrument offers a wide range of cycle times and has many new and innovative features not found anywhere else. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry with a new design numerous improvements.



· 50 Amps (6,000 watts)

· 0.1s to 99.9s cycle range

· Crystal timing

· Easy Push button programming

· In Case Storage

· "AA" Battery Operated

· 72+ hour battery life

· Program View

The new Model CI-50 has numerous improvements over previous versions, such as:

· Tough, weather resistant case.

· In-case storage of cables.

· Cables with locking cable connect.

· Lockable, with lid locked or opening.

· Tan color reduced heat in the field, and blends with surroundings.

· The Panel layout is easy to operate and gives the user quick information.

· Battery access is easy and a Low Battery LED light is included on the panel.

· Super Bright blue circuit LED's indicate Open or Close condition when in operation.

· Large LED display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

The CI-50 has been recreated with all new components and circuitries. Integrated buttons, new processor chip and timing chips are all of the latest technology available today.

The CI-50 comes with a cable. One, locking connector fits into the side of the case and the other end includes two clamps. This connection is not polarity dependent.

Other new features include the inside case storage area. This area will hold all the cables that come included with the instrument and any other items you want to store here. Very convenient, as it can be secured by locking the case with the lid closed. The case can also be locked so that the lid can be opened.


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