3M Wye Resin Splice Kits - 90-B1

Scotchcast Resin Splicing Kits

While crimpits and split bolts mechanically splice buried wires on cathodic protection systems, a connection is not complete until it is sealed against moisture and corrosive chemicals. Scotchcast splicing kits provide this protection. They are packaged with all the materials necessary for encapsulating wire connections to provide total electrical insulation. The main component of the Scotchcast kit is a two-part epoxy resin. Because the resin is packaged in a specially designed mixing pouch, field installations are greatly simplified. The packaging ensures proper mixing ratios and makes clean-up unnecessary. Each kit is also provided with molded plastic forms and 3M electrical insulating tape to surround the wire splice. Once the resin is properly mixed, it is simply poured into the plastic form. The resin cures in approximately 30 minutes to provide a moisture-tight seal and electrically insulated splice.

Scotchcast kits are available for a wide range of wire configurations. When odd-sized or odd-shaped splices must be protected, multi-mold kits should be used. These kits are designed to handle almost any type of splice configuration. Each kit is provided with the same components as regular 3M Scotchcast kits with the exception of the molded plastic forms. Multi-mold kits are supplied with wrap-around molds made of polyester film and porous webbing.

Typical Applications

The Scotchcast splicing kits are the proven way to protect wire splices from moisture and corrosion. They are ideal for impressed current cathodic protection systems which use anode header cables. The Scotchcast resin contained in the kits is rated up to 1000 volts. The resin cures in 30 minutes at temperature of 60°F and above.

Wye Resin Splicing Kit for 1000 V Non-Shielding Cable-90-B1 Voltage Rating up to 1000V

The 90-B1 insulates and moisture-seals WYE Splices made with the split-bolt type connectors on cable rated through 1000V. Each kit contains a snap-together mold body which fits around the splice, two funnels, tape for sealing mold ends and Scotchcast 4 epoxy electrical insulating resin in a Unipak container for clean and easy handling. These kits may be used for above ground or direct buried applications.

90-B1 Specifications:

Max. Voltage Rating

Max. Connector Split Bolt

Max. Connector Crimped

Max.Cable O.D.


1000 V

1/0 AWG

2/0 AWG 19mm

Run 0.50" to 0.812" (13mm to 21 mm) Tap Max 0.375" (10 mm)



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90-B1 90-B1 Wye Resin Splice Kit PDF

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