Cott Fat Fink

The Fat FINK® cathodic protection test station is a very large capacity version of a Cott's field proven Big Fink design. Made from high strength, maintenance free polycarbonate alloy, Fat Fink is a rugged enclosure that protects all cathodic protection circuits and the sophisticated instruments used with steel coupon Fink Probes.

·       Size:  Fat Fink fits 6" (IPS) diameter pipe.

·       Colors:  Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, White.

·       CP Test Stations:  Cap, Terminal Board and Collect Nut made from Makrolon® polycarbonate.  One of the toughest plastics in the world.

·       Support Post: COTTPipe® PE (standard) polyethylene has over 20 years of proven durability. COTTPipe® PC (optional) polycarbonate is available for the toughest applications.  Standard length 6 feet, available to 40 feet.

·       Anchor:  COTTPipe® PE is easily installed and prevents pullout.

·       Hardware:  Standard nickel plated brass or optional stainless steel for guaranteed long service life.  Up to 31 terminals accessible from both sides of the board.

·       All Fat FINK® terminal boards can accommodate COTTShunts®, Slide Resistors, COTTMeters® (Volt or Amp) Burndy connectors, Cott bonding/shorting straps, Banana Jacks, Zap Guard®, locking devices, lightning arrestors and flange mounting brackets.  Optional locking top prevents tampering with any FinkProbe instrument package.


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