Tinker & Rasor T-2 and T-4 Condulet Test Stations

The Tinker & Rasor Models T-2 and T-4 test stations are “condulet” style. The Model T-2 fits existing NPT threaded ¾” OD riser pipe, and the Model T-4 fits existing NPT threaded 1” OD riser pipe.

The test stations include three (3) external binding posts standard. The posts are set on one inch centers to accommodate accessories such as bonding straps and shunts.

The Model T-2 and T-4 may also be customized to include more binding posts or banana plugs. Both are made of a tough plastic resin material resistant to fire, UV exposure and impacts.

· 7 Colors

· 3+ hole terminal positions

· 3 binding posts

· External terminals

· UV stabilized color

· Fire resistant, impact resistant

· Fits existing ¾” and 1” risers

· Gasket seal to protect inside

Complete Test Station:

·     T-2: 1.65” x 1.70” x 4.90” (41.9mm x 43.2mm x 124.5mm)

·     T-4: 1.95” x 2.00” x 5.70” (49.5mm x 50.8mm x 144.8mm)

Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.227 kg)

Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 4” (152mm x 152mm x 10.6mm)


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T-2 & T-4 Tinker & Rasor T-2 & T-4 Condulet Test Station PDF

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