Tinker & Rasor T-3 Test Station

The Tinker & Rasor Model T-3 is the most versatile Cathodic Protection Test Station available, with a UV stabilized, fire resistant and impact resistant polycarbonate material for long outdoor life. The test station head fits a 3.5” ID riser pipe. Reducing adapters are available for smaller OD’s and a flange adapter as well. A large, clear terminal board can handle a variety of custom configurations, including voltmeters, shunts, resistors, potentiometers and more.

The Model T-3 CP test stations come standard with the unique Tinker & Rasor binding post with set screw. This binding post allows for rapid wire connections on wires as big as 6 AWG. Each T-3 comes with five (5) nickel plated binding posts and up to eleven (11) binding posts on custom orders.

The T-3 also features a clear terminal board make of tough, fire resistant polycarbonate resin. The clear terminal allows you to view both sides of the terminal board with obstruction. The terminal board has eleven (11) terminal positions, most on 1” centers from another, and can be filled with our binding posts, stainless screws or banana jacks, on custom orders.

Use with optional items such as the T&R Shock Guard which can be combined with banana jacks for personnel safety. Also can be custom printed which may beet DOT ID requirements for urban environments.

· 11 hole terminal board

· 5 rapid connection binding posts

· Clear terminal board

· 8 colors from stock

· Fits 3.5” OD riser pipe

· UV stabilized color protection

· High impact resistant

· Fire resistant

· Easy Grip top for easy opening with gloves

· Anti-Spin gasket prevents twisting

Terminal Board: 5.3” x 3.52” (134.6mm x 89.4mm)

Cover: 5.1” x 4.4” (129.5mm x 111.75mm)

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs (0.45 kg)

Dimensions: 6”x6”x4” (152mm x 152mm x 10.6mm)


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