Trenton Gray Coat

Graycoat is a paste-like wax compound that is used to prevent corrosion of irregular surfaces and small-diameter pipe. It requires only minimal surface preparation and no primer. Graycoat is easily applied by hand and is then overwrapped with Trenton Poly-Ply or Guard-Wrap. It can be backfilled immediately.

Graycoat is a blend of petrolatums, plasticizers, solvents, pigments, and corrosion inhibitors used to prevent corrosion of underground structures. Its mastic consistency makes it easily applied to bolts and other irregular shapes, by hand or trowel. It can be applied over wet pipe with no primer required and requires no waiting or curing before backfilling. Packaged in convenient 23lb pails, it is available in both winter and summer grades.


·       Excellent corrosion barrier

·       Excellent dielectric barrier

·       Highly ductile

·       Resistant to chemicals and bacteria common to soils

·       Can be easily applied to bolts and other irregular shapes

·       No waiting before backfilling

·       No primer required

·       Packaged in convenient 24 lb pails

·       Low moisture absorption and transmission

·       Excellent "wetting" and adhesion characteristics

·       Inert

·       Applied by hand or towel

·       Can be applied over wet pipe

·       Compatible with other coating materials

·       No torch in the trench

·       Summer and winter grades available

·       End Use:  For protection of irregular metal fittings and straight pipe in conjunction with poly-ply wrapper.

·       Packaging:  24 lb pails

·       Summer Grade:  >30° F

·       Winter Grade:  <30° F

·       Appearance:  Gray Smoothed Textured Paste

·       Specific Gravity at 77° F:  0.95 - 1.05

·       Pour Point:  105 - 120° F

·       Flash Point:  200 - 250° F

·       Dielectric Strength:  100 V/mil

·       Approx. Application Thickness:  1/8 in



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