Trenton Pile Shield


Trenton's Pile-Shield System is for the protection of offshore pilings in splash zone areas. The system is easy to apply and environmentally safe. It provides effective, long-lasting protection against corrosion, and it prevents physical damage from marine organisms, debris, ice, wave action and other environmental effects. The Pile-Shield System consists of Pile Primer, anti-corrosion Pile Inner-Wrap, and Pile-Shield, which serves as a mechanical barrier.

After cleaning, Pile Primer is applied to prepare the surface for Pile Inner-Wrap. Pile Primer will displace moisture and can be applied under water.

Pile Inner-Wrap is easily spiral-wrapped onto the piling and pressed into place, to provide long-lasting protection.

Pile-Shield is then installed over the Pile Inner-Wrap. Pile-Shield is a sheet of tough, high-density polyethylene fastened with a unique seam-lock system and further held in place with stainless steel banding.

The complete Trenton Pile-Shield System provides durable protection against corrosion and physical damage from debris, such as ice and floating objects.

·       Packaging:  1 gallon cans, 32lb/case, 4 gallon/case

·       Material:  316 Stainless Steel Banding

·       Banding:  3/4" x 100' rolls

·       Dielectric Strength:  100 v/mil

·       Flash Point:  350°F

·       Specific Gravity at 77°F:  0.90

·       Color:  Brown

·       Application Temperature:  0 - 100°F

·       Service Temperature:  -20 - 125°F



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