Graphite Rod

Cathodic Protection grade graphite is an especially good material for use as an anode. Graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity, is chemically resistant, and is easy to machine. Excellent long term performance histories and economics have made the solid graphite anode very popular for impressed current systems.

MESA manufactures a complete line of graphite anodes which are produced in accordance with strict quality control guidelines. The anodes are composed of high quality petroleum coke which is mixed with coal tar binders and extruded into various diameter rods. The rods are heated repeatedly at temperatures in excess of 2600 degrees C and the cooled. The end result of this manufacturing process is an anode with a high percentage of carbon, which can deliver effective protection at a relatively low consumption rate. In buried soil electrolytes, this consumption rate varies between 0.4 and 2.0 pounds/amp-year. The recommended current density for graphite anodes is 0.5 amps/square foot.

Because graphite is porous, anode life can be increased by filling the pores with an enhancer; MESA treats its graphite anodes with microcrystalline wax. This impregnation limits any electrochemical activity to the surface of the anode and reduces any tendency for the reaction to occur in the pores of the anode itself. It also acts as a barrier against moisture intrusion which could cause deterioration of the anode and possibly the anode connection.

Item #


Weight with 56# per cu Carbo 400

Weight with 60#
per cu Carbo 60

Weight with 74#
per cu Petroleum Coke


4x84 in

34 lb

37 lb

45 lb


5x54 in

34 lb

37 lb

45 lb


6x72 in

65 lb

71 lb

87 lb


6x84 in

75 lb

83 lb

102 lb


6x96 in

88 lb

95 lb

117 lb


8x72 in

115 lb

125 lb

155 lb


8x84 in

135 lb

146 lb

181 lb


8x96 in

154 lb

167 lb

206 lb


10x84 in

210 lb

229 lb

283 lb


10x96 in

240 lb

262 lb

323 lb


12x84 in

304 lb

332 lb

409 lb


12x96 in

348 lb

379 lb

468 lb


Item #Product NameQuoteSpecs
3" X 60" Graphite Anode 3" X 60" Graphite Anode PDF
4" X 80" Graphite Anode 4" X 80" Graphite Anode PDF

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