MESA Custom Junction Boxes

Creating a superior cathodic protection system starts with selecting the right electrical components. This includes choosing an electrical junction box which is best suited for a particular corrosion prevention application. Because there are so many unique applications for cathodic protection, MESA offers custom junction boxes which are made according to design specifications. A custom junction box can be manufactured according to operation parameters, or to exact design specifications.

Junction boxes are installed in all types of environments. To provide adequate protection from the elements, an appropriate enclosure should be selected. MESA custom boxes are available with all the common electrical cabinet materials including fiberglass, aluminum; and stainless painted or galvanized steel. The cabinets may be selected to meet and of the NEMA enclosure standards, from dust tight to explosion proof and are offered in numerous sizes to accommodate different circuit configurations.

MESA Junction Boxes are designed to make electrical connections on impressed currentor galvanic cathodic protection systems.

·       Deep well anode box

·       Anode lead bond box

·       Calibrated shunt box

·       Variable resistance housing

·       Cable splice box

·       Very large capacity CP test station

·       Negative splice box

Enclosures Available:

·       Aluminum

·       Anodized Aluminum

·       Fiberglass

·       Galvanized Steel

·       Non-Metallic

·       Painted Steel

·       Stainless Steel


Item #Product NameQuoteSpecs
F24x24 Fiberglass Enclosure F24x24 PDF
F18x16 Fiberglass Enclosure F18x16 PDF
F16x14 Fiberglass Enclosure F16x14 PDF
F14x12 Fiberglass Enclosure F14x12 PDF
F12x10 Fiberglass Enclosure F12x10 PDF
F10x8 Fiberglass Enclosure F10x8 PDF
F8x6 Fiberglass Enclosure F8x6 PDF
G9x6 Galvanized Enclosure G9x6 PDF
G18x18 Galvanized Enclosure G18x18 PDF
G12x12 Galvanized Enclosure G12x12 PDF
G18x24 Galvanized Enclosure G18x24 PDF
G18x24 w/chains Galvanized Enclosure G18x24 w/chains PDF
G18x28 w/chains Galvanized Enclosure G18x28 w/chains PDF
G18x30 w/chains Galvanized Enclosure G18x30 w/chains PDF
A14x12 Anodized Aluminum Enclosure A14x12 PDF
A18x18 Anodized Aluminum Enclosure A18x18 PDF
Other Enclosures Available Other Enclosures Available - Contact Mesa PDF

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