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Weld Metal

thermOweld® weld metal is the most reliable and consistently-performing weld metal available worldwide. Our continuous-improvement manufacturing process is supplemented with multiple quality validation steps for every lot we produce. Upon final acceptance, our weld metal is specially packaged in moisture-resistant plastic cartridges with special closure caps. Then the cartridges and required weld metal discs are packaged in moisture-resistant boxes with unique manufacturing lot codes. The lot codes are a thermOweld® innovation, providing complete traceability from raw material origination, through our multiple processing stages to shipment. Finally, thermOweld® applies special shrink-wrap plastic to every weld metal box, insuring reliable storage, positive field ignition and superior welds every time.

Every individual weld metal cartridge is marked with the size and weight in grams for easy identification, even when separated from the host box. thermOweld® weld metal is shipped worldwide to more than 50 countries via ground, air and ocean freight. All sizes of weld metal are available immediately with thermOweld's SAME DAY Service (SDS) shipment program.

Our chemical engineers have formulated and created various weld metal types for application-specific use, including our standard formulations:

Copper-copper, copper-to-steel and copper-to-copper-clad steel

Copper-to-ductile (cast) iron


Cathodic protection

Thermoweld Connections to Cast Iron Weld Metals

Item Number Item Name Connection Material Connection Orientation
#15CI #15 Cathodic Protection Weld Metal Cast Iron Horizontal
#25CI #25 Cathodic Protection Weld Metal Cast Iron Horizontal
#32CI #32 Cathodic Protection Weld Metal Cast Iron Horizontal



Item #Product NameQuoteSpecs
15CI 15CI Weld Metal to Cast Iron PDF
25CI 25CI Weld Metal to Cast Iron PDF
32CI 32CI Weld Metal to Cast Iron PDF

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